Roy Stone Stage



Psychedelic Rock Preachers. Famed for their frenzied live performances that will make you stomp, and shake with their vicious and savage sounds.

I Am Aquitaine

The highly energised, party-rock, progressive pop band, I Am Aquitaine interweave catchy hook-laden, heart-melting choruses with nostalgic, psychedelic vibes. Ever-evolving and unmistakable, the formidable London four-piece bring you the future-facing grooves for tomorrow’s party-goers. Since formation, the band have supported Alabama 3’s 2017 tour, played numerous festivals including Beautiful Days (at The Levellers’ request), Mudfest (supporting Toploader and Scouting for Girls), and Romanian Festival Moineşti-Zemeş, as well as performed at countless key venues throughout the UK. The band are renowned for getting the crowd going with their slick new-retro-wave pop-rock.

Luna and the Moonhounds

Luna and the Moonhounds are an up and coming Blues rock band from Coventry who are inspired by all kinds of music from the Blues to 70’s rock and 60’s psychedelia. A group of close friends collaborating to create music they love.


Tony Wright from Terrorvision
Special Guest

“It starts in a place I would never really want to talk about and ends in a much better place that I’d like to shout about from the highest of points. I wanted to make an acoustic album, as it is as basic as it gets. Tony is accompanied by Milly Evans on guitar and backing vocals, and Steve Clarkson on percussion. Led by the anthemic lead single “Self Portrait’, it sets the tone for the album which takes the listener on a rollercoaster journey of highs and lows.

94 Gunships

Imagine the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino film about Tom Waits’ life, set in the East Midlands.Rob Davidson and Will Jeffery accidentally formed 94 Gunships when Rob wrote a song about watching a man dig a hole and then filling it in again. Before long they brought in some friends – Russ Clark (Bass) and Marq Sutton (Drums) – to help create a bigger sound and to broaden the now folk-law tale of the man digging a hole and then filling it in again. Leo Whiteman (electric guitar) joined after hearing Rob and Will performing this legendary song, and for some reason felt compelled to give the sound another dimension and perhaps a few more songs. In an attempt to spread the important message about the man digging a hole and then filling it again, they soon found themselves at the bottom of Nottingham’s diverse music scene. After emerging from the darkness with blisters on their fingers and sore hands, they were finally ready to release their second EP about a loose tooth…

Revenge of Calculon

Who’s gonna save you from the evil Dr Calculon? Have no worries honey, two sonic manipulators are here to save humankind! Bringing you a juicy slice of dirty bass grooves topped with a full fat layer of B-movie synth attacks.


PRIMAL are a Nottingham based power trio playing soulful blues rock with howling vocals groovy riffs and pounding drums. Likened to: Led Zep, Rival Sons, Black Keys, Sabbath & Audioslave.

Stacey McMullen Band

Stacey McMullen is a genre fusing folk artist who uniquely combines multiple world styles of music, moving between Celtic folk, Samba, Flamenco, Blues and much more. Combined with original and provocative song writing, touching on subjects ranging anywhere from love, philosophy and politics, Stacey has started to gather attention both locally and nationally.

You Want Fox

You Want Fox are a shot of adrenaline to the UK music scene. Hailing from Nottingham and comprising of Natalie (bass/vocals) and Colette (Drums/vocals) they formed in early 2015. The energetic duo creates a Rock music sound that is heavily influenced by pop hooks. The girls are driven by catchy melodies and clever harmonies.

Whisky Stain

The London/Nottingham duo WHISKY STAIN are known predominantly for their filthy hooks, catchy vocal melodies and huge sonic presence. Performing a blend of bass driven dance influenced stompers through to blues drenched guitar based thrillers. Previously featured on Sky’s hit series Ray Donovan; their track The Lord’s Revolver demonstrates perfectly their sonic identity. Intoxicated with heavy riffs drowning in fuzz, pounding drums and the harmonies of a bittersweet gospel hymn proclaiming the beginning of the end, this is Whisky Stain’s calling card.


All female pop/rock band from nottingham.


We are an all-girl rock band from Nottingham. As featured on Planet Rock and BBC Introducing. Influences Nirvana, Hole, Green Day, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Runaways, Bikini Kill, Sum 41, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Motorhead.


Tom Williams Special Guest

Video Tape Machine

Fused together with circuit boards, black and white keys and a lot of synthetics. Video Tape Machine has two major components: Vocals: Tom Gribby Electronic Devices and Synthetics: DaDD

Tokyo Taboo

Initially forming when Mickey auditioned for Dolly’s solo project many years ago, Tokyo Taboo have built quite a reputation for their spectacular, character-driven – and often shocking – vibrant live performances. Now, with their debut receiving acclaim from the likes of Radio X’s John Kennedy, BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, Clash and Punktastic, they’re ready to take on the world once again with the mind-blowing power of No Pleasure Only Pain. And, with a UK tour soon to be announced, plus more new music on the way next year, you’d better keep your eyes on Tokyo Taboo. We’re sure Dolly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Franz Von

High energy Hip-hop Jungle fusionist introduces his new Jazz fueled live band. The lead eMCee of K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade retains his love for classic Hip-hop and his rooting in African music, while incorporating some of the North’s best Jazz musician to help showcase his lyricism and animated performances.

Lady Rose

Lady Rose perform an eclectic mix of covers from the 50s to present day which touch of various genres from Reggae to Pop to Folk to Jazz and everything between. They regularly perform at Weddings, Restaurtants, Festivals and pubs across the Midlands. Impressive Vocals and finely crafted music make for an unforgettable musical experience. With a recent live performance on Notts TV and their debut single appearing on BBC introducing they are one to watch for 2019!

Paul Carbuncle

Paul deftly cleared up once and for all any mystery surrounding his chosen musical genre. “Some call it folk-punk,” he explained, “while others call it punk-folk. Either is acceptable. But over-blend it and you’ll end up with funk or polk, and I’m sure none of us wants that. It’s rather like mixing the grape and the grain… you’ve got to be careful not to wind up with muesli.”