Children’s Entertainment

The children’s entertainment was exceptional with workshops, a creative tent where kids could play board games and make things with circus skills on Sunday. There was also a cinema tent showing films throughout the day. The jewel in the crown for us though was the woodland area by the Guerrilla stage. There were hammocks which were a huge hit with the boys, cardboard castles and guttering which they could use to build runs for the plastic balls. There was also a bouncy castle which cost £2.

Roy Bond The fantastic magician will have you amazed!

The Bunco Booth is an installation at your event that becomes a focal point for magic, misdirection, trickery, sleight of hand and mischief hosted by one of the finest close up magicians in the world. Do you ever watch magic on the T.V and think ” If I was there I’d be able to spot how they did that ! ” ? …. Well now’s your chance !!…

Deerstock Childrens Morning Cinema, craft workshops, tug of war, and rules regarding Crazy Dancing season will be updated shortly. It’s all free of course.


It is our Mission to be as much fun as you can have with a biscuit tin other than eating the contents in one sitting. Hand made instruments, Bespoke to meet the needs of the player. These are handcrafted homemade and wonderful. Simplistic in nature but superb for a bit of fun. Based around the idea of the Cigar box guitar anyone who likes a bit of slide and 12 bar blues these are the things for you.

Marvellous Mouse Circus

Marvellous Mouse Circus again run by Cath Connolly​ which takes place on Saturday at the Guerilla stage. Her mouse puppet show is a regular feature at Deerstock and the kids absolutely love it!

Proper family festival with decent music and beautiful peeps!